Wednesday, 12 September 2012

the zoo:)

 My brother came down two weeks ago and we took him to the zoo:) i was so excited to go and get calb to see all the animals!! which we found out he was scared of all of them! lol. very cute! 
it was sooooooo HOT!

we took five pictures of this pose and caleb wasnt looking in annyy!!

my little family:)

the three elephants:) hehehe

sooo cute!!

 Sorry for the lack of posts! Since ive started school ive been super busy at night and during the day with caleb!:)<3 i will try my best to do at least 1 post a week!:) .

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3 yrs!!!!

Today is my third anniversary with my husbandd!! ahh how time flies! i was soooo Lucky to marry him! hes such a funny and great guy. hes sweet honest and veryyy handsome:) lol.  i thought id share our pics.. over the years! oh how time flies!

our first date!:)

a couple weeks married!


at the beachhh!!:)

most recent pictures!

our vacation in march 2012

and how can i not add my little one:) i was going thru some pictures and found this one! so chubby!! hes so big now:(

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


yeeepppp. i'm back in school!!
 this has been eating away at me for ever!!!!! 
i was terrified to go back and couldn't even sleep most nights because i hadn't been in school for SOOO long!
 three years now!!:o
 i started my first class today and it went pretty good!
its an Algebra seems a little easy.. 
Im pretty sure i took this course back home.just a couple things seem new..
but oh well this way i can get a high mark lol. watch me fail.. LOL. 
jk. not funny!  
well i thought id share my back to school outfit..
a couple pics from after class . 
My hubby. brother(who came to visit!WOOHOO:))  and son went out for ice cream then went to watch a softball game
skirt:HKR Tank:urban planet Jean jacket: "borrowed" it from my

my little brother..:) lol seems weird saying that. hes huge!!!lol

how cute is this. lol hes wearing his uncles attire. lol

Friday, 17 August 2012

busy week &ottd!!!:)

aahh sorry for the lack of posts! 
this week was a veryyyy veryy busy week for me and really had no time to make a post. 
Caleb has had my hands full! Hes all over the place now and exploring everything 
its soo exciting to see!
 So im always behind showing him and saying the words out slowly so he understand what they are!
 i think hes gonna start talking soon or at least i hope! 
When i tell him to say something hell only say the first part.. for example.. Chicken he'll say CHii... and just hold it lol. cutest thing ever! 
it seems like hes getting frustrated trying to communicate with me
 so i hope im helping a bit that way. 
If anyone is a mother out there let me know how i can help him! 
well anyways kind of went a whole different direction there this is just my weekend ootd that i wore. so i thought i had bought colour for my wardrobe but everything ibought is 
but oh well here it is :)
my purse on the top right..

hehe caleb trying to get in!:)
how i ended up going. with a blackshirt underneath instead of the navy blue.
shirt from urban planet
skirt from my sister:)i belive its from suzy shier
belt h&m
basic black longsleeve: suzy shier
shoes: sirens
purse: aldo

sorry i still havent fixed my camera!!:|    
but thanks to my iphone:) yayy... lol

Thursday, 9 August 2012

quick outfit!

i took a few pictures of my outfit while i went out for a walk with my little family!.
 This is my casual take with this shirt. 
I will take pictures of a dressy way i like to style it up. 
Check out Lo's version of her outfit with the same shirt but a different colour here!:) 
 I still don't have a camera so i took these with my cellphone..sorry if the quality isn't so good! 
paired it with a jean skirt and casual flats.   the sleeves are long but i always like to roll them up i feel claustrophobic if i dont!
love the zipper at the back!:).                                                                   paired with moccasin flats:)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

as promised

  Beach pictures!! yayyy:) theres sooo manyy!! sorry!!:|
 thanks to Sarah from sarahs camera for taking these! she did an amazing job! 
captures all of my sons facial expressions that i love! <3

Thursday, 2 August 2012


When the summer began my little family took a trip to visit my family in London...Ontario.
 We took a trip to the beach and sarah from sarahs camera took some pictures of us so i wanted to share. 
these are the ones on the way to the beach...
I'm thankful for every chance we get to enjoy some time with my family, since we live so far from each other.
beach ones will come soon:)! Enjoy!!:)

how cute are thee cousins???<3

emma got sick of his kisses after the millionth one he gave her lol.
with Lorena:)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

elmo party:)

I have been wanting to do these blogs for a while now but wasnt sure how to do it since i didnt take pictures of the process of making everything..
 but since im getting started on my sons second birthday already i just decided to post.  
If you do want to know how to make it let me know and il figure a way out of showing it! ill definately take pictures as i do my sons second birthday party. but for now enjoy:). 
 i made the center peices myself.. 
well with the help of one of my fav bloggers Lorena:) ;)thanks so much for the help <3
 we also made the cupcakes and icing. the loot bags for the kids and wrapped baby thermoses for the babies at the party:)  we also had a candy kabob which we also made! probably the hardest thing to do believe it or not! lol i dont know why i didnt take a picture of it but if u look closely its behind the cupcakes!:|  i also had to make a cupcake holder last minute! i wasnt able to get one the day of like i had planned so we ran up to the dollar store and grabbed four trays and martini cups(they didnt have anything thinner) and glued them together! they held up pretty well! i still have them! lol MY brother in law made the elmo cupcake toppers and i just printed them out and made them into a circle and glued them on anything i could think of! lol( i over exaggerated.. more like just the loot bags!)

Closer look at the centerpieces. the elmo was cut out and placed on the tissue paper in the pot.. make sense?
         i made the monogram of the bottom part of the centerpeice just by looking at inspiration on google. i wish i had a printer. but at the time i didn't so i did it free hand lol.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Liebster Award

So I was nominated for the Liebster Award! Sarah over at From Sarahs Camera! How exciting!!
Liebtser means "Dearest" in German, and this award is given to bloggers with 200 followers or less!
So now I have to share 5 random facts about myself!

1. Im 21 yrs old and Got married at 18!
2. I love fashion I'm always looking for inspiration and how to incorporate it into my Pentecostal look  lol its hard sometimes!
3. I love singing!:)
4. Im a proud mother of an 18 month old Caleb
5. I'm crafty! I made all of Caleb's birthday party decor and loot bags etc! 

So there you are, 5 random facts about me!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

royal blue outfit:)

 well.. i didnt break it! it broke on its own. 
i had it in my purse at the park on saturday and 
i was going to take a picture of my outfit but wasnt able to ! 
blahhhhhh so if i dont update my blog often u know why! lol
 so on Sunday i took pictures of my outfit with my cell phone..:) 
they're a bit blurry but u can still see:)
i got my peplum top at urban planet.. yes urban planet i couldnt believe it either when i saw it.
 and only 20 dollars regular price:) woohooo. 
i paired with a a plain black pencil skirt and my sparkly shoes from marisas. 

i had to pin down the sleeves. they were extraterrestrial like lol i shoulda tried it on at the store but i think i made it work!