Tuesday, 31 July 2012

elmo party:)

I have been wanting to do these blogs for a while now but wasnt sure how to do it since i didnt take pictures of the process of making everything..
 but since im getting started on my sons second birthday already i just decided to post.  
If you do want to know how to make it let me know and il figure a way out of showing it! ill definately take pictures as i do my sons second birthday party. but for now enjoy:). 
 i made the center peices myself.. 
well with the help of one of my fav bloggers Lorena:) ;)thanks so much for the help <3
 we also made the cupcakes and icing. the loot bags for the kids and wrapped baby thermoses for the babies at the party:)  we also had a candy kabob which we also made! probably the hardest thing to do believe it or not! lol i dont know why i didnt take a picture of it but if u look closely its behind the cupcakes!:|  i also had to make a cupcake holder last minute! i wasnt able to get one the day of like i had planned so we ran up to the dollar store and grabbed four trays and martini cups(they didnt have anything thinner) and glued them together! they held up pretty well! i still have them! lol MY brother in law made the elmo cupcake toppers and i just printed them out and made them into a circle and glued them on anything i could think of! lol( i over exaggerated.. more like just the loot bags!)

Closer look at the centerpieces. the elmo was cut out and placed on the tissue paper in the pot.. make sense?
         i made the monogram of the bottom part of the centerpeice just by looking at inspiration on google. i wish i had a printer. but at the time i didn't so i did it free hand lol.


  1. What a cute birthday party!

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  2. what an awesome party idea!
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  3. i love the birthday party! so fun and cute!

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  5. LOVE Elmo, so I definitely LOVE that birthday party. :)

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  7. My boyfriend's godson just had an Elmo themed party :) Too fun! I love those cupcakes :)


  8. So adorable! My nieces are in love with elmo :)