Wednesday, 23 May 2012

W.W!-weigh in!

Sorry for the lack of weightloss blogs!! 
I haven't updated because i haven't really changed my way of eating or my exercise schedule lol 
so its the same thing ! 
butt gooodd news is that i have lost weight! 
i weighed myself this morning and i weigh
........ 166!!!! 
which means i've lost 3 pounds since the last time i weighed myself! 
now mindd youuu this weekend was not a good weekend for my diet!
 I had pizza , Chinese food, poutine, coke!, a whole lotta ice caps, timbits, 
chips and all the junk food u can think of! lol.
 I have noticed my weight fluctuate for the past week but i noticed the most common number i saw on the scale was 166. 
so yippeeeee!!! 6 more pounds to lose to get to my goal!
I have decided to do weightloss wednesdays every other week. & thats when ill update u with my weight and what im doing to lose weight if anything changes! 


here are a couple pictures from this weekend! thanks to my amazing &talented sister for taking these! We spent our sunday at the park with our whole family ! love these moments.

my beautiful family:)

mi gordo!!<3
how cute is my neice?! emmas gonna love this pic when shes older&caleb will hate it lol

 kissing her foot lol
beeheehee i love his crying face

ill put more up soon:)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

weekend outfit

weekend outfit 
Hey guys i thought i'd share my weekend outfit ! 
i didn't take any pics of it so went to polyvore and re made it there. 
Obviously some of the basics arent exactly what i wore but pretty close!. 
The dress is from forever 21 .
blazer i wore was from garage similar to the one above and
 the belt i wore is alot lamer than the one above ...
 i wish i had that one! lol 
and the black pumps i wore are from sirens.
 Pretty much the same as above!. 
it was super comfortable and loved itt. 
 This weekend i spent it with my family in London.
 i will post some pictures of that soon!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

not too sunny not to cold Outfit

I Thought i'd share my outfitt from yesterday! I went to the park with son and husband to throw a ball around. not very successful ...Caleb still doesn't get that in soccer you cant touch the ball with your hands. He'd grab it and run off lol but i took a few quick pictures of what i was wearingg.. i think you've seen before that i love a maxi and a jean jacket together!! and thats what i wore. The jean Jacket is from Sirens and the dress is from h&m & moccasins from ardenes! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

thee weekend:)

mothers day favours!<3
hey everyonee so i firsttlly want to sayy happy mothers day to all the mothers out there i know its a little late but either way we should celebrate them everyday !:) My mother is the greatest mom ever she is so strong and has gone through so much but always puts a smile on for us . I love her very much!!! que Dios la bendiga Siempre!!<3 ANd all the other mothers out there too:)

                          andd happy first mothers day to my beautiful sisterr!!!!<3
preparing mothers dayy:)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

ugly photobooth pictures lol

hello alll!! i thought i'd share some pictures i took with my little family.
 now mind you these are some ugly pictures like scary ugly but we were dying of laughter which was the most amazing moment as a family.. 
Caleb had no idea what was going on but it was cute how he just stayed there looking at the camera. 
i love my little family so much! theyre the best. ENJOY!!

LOL we are so evil. my poor baby!!
he finallly smiled lol pobre! the things we do to him.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Weightloss Wednesday: My Goals

hello everyone:) so its been a pretty good week with my weight loss. i still haven't weighed myself since like a week or two ago so i will let u know next Wednesday :) i have started to change a couple things during my day to help me get to my goals. They're small things but it beats sitting on a couch allll dayyy. (which is what i used to do when Caleb was a baby cuz he just laid there lol)

-Cut watching tv in half i try to watch two hrs of tv MAX! sitting there worries me lol i feel like id get fatter
- go for walks. at least 1 hr a day.runnning isn't my i like walking to the park with Caleb and play with him. 
-use measuring cups when i eat. i measure what i can since i'm counting calories i need to!
-take the stairs instead of the elevator. i only live on the fourth floor so its not too bad. but believe or not the first time i did this i almost died going up i was so tried by the second floor i had to take like two breaks lol.
- take out juice and sodas completely out of my life. water is my best friend:)
-do zumba everyday for at leastt 35 mins .
- weekends are my free days i still measure what i can and workout tho. it just means restaurant food.

My goal is to get to 160 lbs. i want to eventually get to 145 ish. but for now im saying 160 cuz it seems alot closer and i know i can do it . !
next week is a weigh in!:|. im nervousssss

wish me luck.:)

love this sweatshirt? i wore today thank you to my sister sarah;)  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

skirts skirts and more skirts :)

Heyy all:) so ive been on the hunt for new church skirts and have found several i want and cant wait to get! hopefully they have them at the stores. i found these online at the Forever 21 Website and Zara website.
 I am in desperate need of new skirts and if you guys know of any store with some nice ones let me know!
 its hard finding decent ones now a days i was at the mall for three hrs yesterday and didnt find ONE decent one.
If they were long it would be sheer with a mini skirt under.... :| 
awful awful AWFULL!!! shame on you whoever invented that lol.  
& of course all skirts are mini skirts now so it was super hard! so let me know if you know of anyy!!!:)
here are my favourites that i found online.