Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Weightloss Wednesday: My Goals

hello everyone:) so its been a pretty good week with my weight loss. i still haven't weighed myself since like a week or two ago so i will let u know next Wednesday :) i have started to change a couple things during my day to help me get to my goals. They're small things but it beats sitting on a couch allll dayyy. (which is what i used to do when Caleb was a baby cuz he just laid there lol)

-Cut watching tv in half i try to watch two hrs of tv MAX! sitting there worries me lol i feel like id get fatter
- go for walks. at least 1 hr a day.runnning isn't my i like walking to the park with Caleb and play with him. 
-use measuring cups when i eat. i measure what i can since i'm counting calories i need to!
-take the stairs instead of the elevator. i only live on the fourth floor so its not too bad. but believe or not the first time i did this i almost died going up i was so tried by the second floor i had to take like two breaks lol.
- take out juice and sodas completely out of my life. water is my best friend:)
-do zumba everyday for at leastt 35 mins .
- weekends are my free days i still measure what i can and workout tho. it just means restaurant food.

My goal is to get to 160 lbs. i want to eventually get to 145 ish. but for now im saying 160 cuz it seems alot closer and i know i can do it . !
next week is a weigh in!:|. im nervousssss

wish me luck.:)

love this sweatshirt? i wore today thank you to my sister sarah;)  


  1. yay!!! keep it up!!
    cant wait to read more!
    p.s. sweater stealer!!! lol

  2. yay! you can do it! and first thing i thought was sarahs sweater! LOL