Wednesday, 23 May 2012

W.W!-weigh in!

Sorry for the lack of weightloss blogs!! 
I haven't updated because i haven't really changed my way of eating or my exercise schedule lol 
so its the same thing ! 
butt gooodd news is that i have lost weight! 
i weighed myself this morning and i weigh
........ 166!!!! 
which means i've lost 3 pounds since the last time i weighed myself! 
now mindd youuu this weekend was not a good weekend for my diet!
 I had pizza , Chinese food, poutine, coke!, a whole lotta ice caps, timbits, 
chips and all the junk food u can think of! lol.
 I have noticed my weight fluctuate for the past week but i noticed the most common number i saw on the scale was 166. 
so yippeeeee!!! 6 more pounds to lose to get to my goal!
I have decided to do weightloss wednesdays every other week. & thats when ill update u with my weight and what im doing to lose weight if anything changes! 

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