Tuesday, 1 May 2012

skirts skirts and more skirts :)

Heyy all:) so ive been on the hunt for new church skirts and have found several i want and cant wait to get! hopefully they have them at the stores. i found these online at the Forever 21 Website and Zara website.
 I am in desperate need of new skirts and if you guys know of any store with some nice ones let me know!
 its hard finding decent ones now a days i was at the mall for three hrs yesterday and didnt find ONE decent one.
If they were long it would be sheer with a mini skirt under.... :| 
awful awful AWFULL!!! shame on you whoever invented that lol.  
& of course all skirts are mini skirts now so it was super hard! so let me know if you know of anyy!!!:)
here are my favourites that i found online.

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  1. love them all. my favourite is the black and white strips.