Thursday, 21 June 2012

A late Fathers day:)

I know, i know im super late!!! 
but i had lost my camera! 
but happy fathers dayy to all dads out there:) we spent our fathers dayy at church and we had such a good time..kinda. his cell got stolen but it was recovered! lol!. 
Caleb gave his daddy a cologne and a handmade card lol(i made and signed calebs name hehe), anddddd at church they gave him a little card. kinda cute!:). 
Josh is such an amazing daddy! he lovess to play and spend time with Caleb its so sweett i love how they interact with eachother! and When it comes to disciplining Josh is VERY good at it. lol poor Caleb but you can tell that he completely respects his daddy. When josh says no its no! its pretty amazing to see lol. :) 
Well happy father's day to the most amazing daddy ever:)<3 we lovee youuu muchisimo.
 thank you for everything you have done and do for us:). 
the two most amazing men in my life:)

up front with all the fathers:)youngest one there! hehe.

Caleb took off the E:|
so cuteee:) my boys:)

after church we went for a walk:) un besito for daddy:)

hehe s cute!. :) blueberry crepes

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fridays ootd & caleb :)

I took a few quick pictures of my outfit on fridayy. 
The shirt is from Simons.. 
skirt from HKR collections. 
Flats from ardenes
 and i dont remmber where i got the grey lace tanktop from. 
i think its from simons.. my sisters should know. if u know let me know. lol. :) 
0o& the thin black belt i got from my mother in law..

caleb update:
 so recently Caleb has been waking up talking to himself or to the window and the ppl outside its the cutest! lol I open the curtains for him every morning and he just loves staring out! poor thing.. he acts like hes never seen outside hehe. but i promise he has! he just loves it. lol 
He even gets on his tippy toes! how cute is that?!?!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

plage ferme!

Last weekend we went to some beach here in Montreal.. i had no idea they had some! all this time and i thought there was no close by beach! so we went to take a look and it was a bit chilly so obv we didnt go in but i took some pictures!. take a look:)

my beautiful family:)and a beautiful skyyy:)

lol it was chilly out and i forgot to bring his hat. so my pashmina did the trick:)
my modelo;). hehe he didnt know i was taking the picture.!.  beach is closed sign!!
how cool are these tire marks?
look at all the colors in the sand! amazing. love the orange and blue together!

Monday, 11 June 2012

fridays outfit:)

Friday was a warm dayy.
 not too hot or too cold. 
I wore my jean jacket which u have seen before and
a thrifted skirt i pulled up to make a dress lol. i paired it with my gold flats.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

thee woods:)

 Over the weekend we went to my cousins house and nearby they have a little park? 
or forest ...wood- like area so we went for a walk .
 here are some pics i took:). 
wish i had taken more.
 Caleb fell into a puddle while i was taking them so we had to leave early. 
lol. poor thing.

0ooh! We saw a deer!!!! 
Caleb was not excited. 
i pointed at it and showed him and he looked at it like .. 
so what??? who cares. lol .