Thursday, 14 June 2012

plage ferme!

Last weekend we went to some beach here in Montreal.. i had no idea they had some! all this time and i thought there was no close by beach! so we went to take a look and it was a bit chilly so obv we didnt go in but i took some pictures!. take a look:)

my beautiful family:)and a beautiful skyyy:)

lol it was chilly out and i forgot to bring his hat. so my pashmina did the trick:)
my modelo;). hehe he didnt know i was taking the picture.!.  beach is closed sign!!
how cool are these tire marks?
look at all the colors in the sand! amazing. love the orange and blue together!


  1. i love these pictures fotografa!!
    and caleb is sooo cute!!! who took the family photos of all of u?

  2. Love your outfit here girl. Toda fashionista!
    PIctures are amazinf btw. Beautiful view! Miss you guys.