Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fridays ootd & caleb :)

I took a few quick pictures of my outfit on fridayy. 
The shirt is from Simons.. 
skirt from HKR collections. 
Flats from ardenes
 and i dont remmber where i got the grey lace tanktop from. 
i think its from simons.. my sisters should know. if u know let me know. lol. :) 
0o& the thin black belt i got from my mother in law..

caleb update:
 so recently Caleb has been waking up talking to himself or to the window and the ppl outside its the cutest! lol I open the curtains for him every morning and he just loves staring out! poor thing.. he acts like hes never seen outside hehe. but i promise he has! he just loves it. lol 
He even gets on his tippy toes! how cute is that?!?!


  1. Cute! Love the outfit!! And Caleb is so cute!

  2. Just can't get over how cute Caleb is... and I saw him when he was teeny weeny.
    Very cute outfit by the way. You totally pull of a white skirt.. I'm scared of wearing white skirts. I tend to spill stuff alot. lol