Thursday, 21 June 2012

A late Fathers day:)

I know, i know im super late!!! 
but i had lost my camera! 
but happy fathers dayy to all dads out there:) we spent our fathers dayy at church and we had such a good time..kinda. his cell got stolen but it was recovered! lol!. 
Caleb gave his daddy a cologne and a handmade card lol(i made and signed calebs name hehe), anddddd at church they gave him a little card. kinda cute!:). 
Josh is such an amazing daddy! he lovess to play and spend time with Caleb its so sweett i love how they interact with eachother! and When it comes to disciplining Josh is VERY good at it. lol poor Caleb but you can tell that he completely respects his daddy. When josh says no its no! its pretty amazing to see lol. :) 
Well happy father's day to the most amazing daddy ever:)<3 we lovee youuu muchisimo.
 thank you for everything you have done and do for us:). 
the two most amazing men in my life:)

up front with all the fathers:)youngest one there! hehe.

Caleb took off the E:|
so cuteee:) my boys:)

after church we went for a walk:) un besito for daddy:)

hehe s cute!. :) blueberry crepes

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  1. omg so cute i almost cried :(
    cant wait to see u guys!!!