Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Weightloss Wednesday!!!:)

hello alll:) sorry for the lack of updates! this past week has been a stressful one because i havent been able to do the things i want. i dont know if its just me but when i want to do something and get something done i need to do it asap or it bugs me like crazy. For example weightloss!(todays topic)
 blah i hate you FAT! lol
 i started gaining weight when i first got married i believe i gained a good 15 pounds when i got married then pregnancy happened..  and oh man i got hugeee !!!! like 193 pounds huge!
what i feel like lol. 

 At nine months i went to my last appointment  to get induced and they weighed me and I weighed 193 pounds which is redonkulous! It honestly hit me so hard when i saw that number. after I gave birth I dropped 10 pounds right away and have been struggling to lose more! I have successfully lost 24 pounds so far and have stayed there for about four months..but I feel like its still not enough! I need a kick in the butt when it comes to working out and eating right. i feel that as spanish people were so used to eating heavy foods which is so hard for me to give up!! but im trying three weeks ago I started counting calories on which has been helpful cuz I know whats going into my body. They also have an app also called myfitnesspal. I have lost two pounds since I started. Im supposed to lose at least one pound per week according to my goals lol so not very effective buuuttt I think its because for the past week or so I have not been watching what im eating or exercising! so today i shall begin again. i think writing this and letting you allll know something so embarrasing to me will help me lose the weight! I will keep you all updated on my weightloss I shall post every other wednesday letting you know. I shall call it . Weighloss Wednesday:). 
 i have completely given up coke or juice and I've just been drinking water for about a month now.  I am going to start doing zumba an hr everyday and eating healthier. ex: more veggies!  and no rice. or bread and all that starchy jazz like potatoes! so lets beginnnn:). 

ideal weight! i think.. not too skinny to too fat lol.

&if u guys have any tips let me knowww!!!!


  1. Soo excited! can't wait to read more! :):) i need encouragement too, so this can help! :) LOL Love you good luck you can do it! <3

    1. uuuu merci merci:) lol. yes i need major encouragement so help me k!!!!!!!!

  2. lol omg! i am so gonna be looking forward to reading more about ur weightloss! keep it coming!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    itll encourage me to lose more weight too

    1. loll relaxx!! u dont need to lose anyyy jerk lol

  3. ok Sarah.. does not even look like she had a baby.. I on the other hand.. gained weight.. but i like it. So i'm keeping it! haha.

  4. i didnt even know u had a blog. now i do. yay! to me and you! except mine was an epic fail with everything thats been happening!
    we can do it! we know we can!!!