Saturday, 7 April 2012

Long Weekend!:)

This week has been a pretty goodd week!  It was my hubby's birthday on wednesday but we pretty much celebrated all week. lol. If you know josh very well you know why! lol (hes only child).those pictures coming soon:).   but yesterday .. *Good Friday we went to my in-laws for an all day family reunion thing. We had breakfast and lunch and dinner there . It was nice to see Caleb interact with all of josh's cousins and his grandparents.
 here are a couple pics
 -we played wii 
all the cousins playing

-played with caleb outside and inside
so cute!.

cousin josue e.& Caleb
i wore a long maxi dress from forever 21 &this jean jacket from sirens.
the rest of the weekend we are going to go to church :). ill try to see if i can post an outfit i will be wearing:) . 
enjoy your weekend everyone!:).

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  1. awe caleb is so cute! and yes post ur outfit i wanna see!!!