Friday, 17 August 2012

busy week &ottd!!!:)

aahh sorry for the lack of posts! 
this week was a veryyyy veryy busy week for me and really had no time to make a post. 
Caleb has had my hands full! Hes all over the place now and exploring everything 
its soo exciting to see!
 So im always behind showing him and saying the words out slowly so he understand what they are!
 i think hes gonna start talking soon or at least i hope! 
When i tell him to say something hell only say the first part.. for example.. Chicken he'll say CHii... and just hold it lol. cutest thing ever! 
it seems like hes getting frustrated trying to communicate with me
 so i hope im helping a bit that way. 
If anyone is a mother out there let me know how i can help him! 
well anyways kind of went a whole different direction there this is just my weekend ootd that i wore. so i thought i had bought colour for my wardrobe but everything ibought is 
but oh well here it is :)
my purse on the top right..

hehe caleb trying to get in!:)
how i ended up going. with a blackshirt underneath instead of the navy blue.
shirt from urban planet
skirt from my sister:)i belive its from suzy shier
belt h&m
basic black longsleeve: suzy shier
shoes: sirens
purse: aldo

sorry i still havent fixed my camera!!:|    
but thanks to my iphone:) yayy... lol


  1. lol, well at least hes not as slow as echo. echo still can't talk. he says his name, mama, papa, no! and sometimes este and si. lol
    i like the shirt. i have colour. but i still like my basics.

  2. Don't you look pretty! There's baby sign language. There's books or videos which teach different hand signals for common words that a baby knows the meaning of, but cannot yet say. So this doesn't teach them to speak, but teaches them another way to communicate. I was going to do this with my youngest, but time got away from me so I never ended up doing so.

    Thanks for linking up to my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

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    xoxo ♥ Shar

  4. It looks great! Blue is a good color on you!

  5. new GFC follower. cute blog, friend. found u thru the naptime review GFC follower hop deal!