Wednesday, 22 August 2012


yeeepppp. i'm back in school!!
 this has been eating away at me for ever!!!!! 
i was terrified to go back and couldn't even sleep most nights because i hadn't been in school for SOOO long!
 three years now!!:o
 i started my first class today and it went pretty good!
its an Algebra seems a little easy.. 
Im pretty sure i took this course back home.just a couple things seem new..
but oh well this way i can get a high mark lol. watch me fail.. LOL. 
jk. not funny!  
well i thought id share my back to school outfit..
a couple pics from after class . 
My hubby. brother(who came to visit!WOOHOO:))  and son went out for ice cream then went to watch a softball game
skirt:HKR Tank:urban planet Jean jacket: "borrowed" it from my

my little brother..:) lol seems weird saying that. hes huge!!!lol

how cute is this. lol hes wearing his uncles attire. lol


  1. Yay to school! What are you taking!
    You looked fabolous!

  2. Love it! You'll do great algebra is fun! :) LOL Love how caleb loves osmin so much, so cute!

  3. love the outfit!! and yay!! so proud of youuu

  4. Super Cute outfit. I love the pop of red. : ) New follower form the weekend blog hop. Following you though GFC. I would love follows back.

    Have a great evening! Julie from Stlavonlady - a cat, girl, man and me!

  5. cute outfit!

    New follower from the blog walk

  6. Super cute! I started school back again this week too!! Found you from the blog walk!! Have an awesome day!

  7. Dear Karen, I'm a new follower from the blog walk. Could you send me your twitter and Facebook? I love to connect with my bloggy friends!